Windows Server 2008 R2 Agreement Number

Now you need to specify the product – Windows Server 2008 (or R2). The type of license is by device. The number of licenses required is n. Hello dear blog readers, today I would like to say in this article how to set up a terminal server in Windows Server 2008R2. In the first part, we examined the first part of the remote shutdown service installation and restarted the server. After the restart, an automatic continuation of the role is initiated. When Windows Server 2008R2 informs you that the role has been successfully made available, we will move the remote demerate manager to remotely de-asbestos services in order to obtain a license for remote desktops. 13) The most important step! Here you have to choose: Product Type – Customer License for dedicated desktop services “on the device” for Windows Server 2008 R2 or customer license for “on-device” terminal services for Windows Server 2008 Select a server in the server pool: srv-serv (, Next administration Enter -> Terminal Server Licensing. We see that the server found on our computer is in the un enabled status.

Click the right button, we say activate the server. Select the type of automatic connection. We insert your personal data (name, name, organization, country – strictly those that were entered when Windows was installed). I left the next page (e-mail, address) empty. We`re waiting. Introduce a magic number to activate licenses for your friend, namely 4965437. To license the 2008 server terminals, there are also codes, they easily Google in minutes, if you did not work, write me, I will help you and share.

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