When to change?

Today I had an interesting thought. When is the right moment for a change?

Changing is, in a sense, jumping to the void. You can never be sure of what is waiting for you. It is a risk. Some people are risk-avoidant, some others are risk takers. That is not something that you decide, but something you can train, at least to some extent.

On the other hand, nobody will ever tell you when it is the right moment for changing any aspect of your life. Because they don’t know either. Nobody does.

Sometimes, this jump into the void implies leaving behind things that you like, people that you love or places that you enjoy. That is part of the process and part of the risk. However, you don’t know who you will meet, the places you will see or the new things you will make part of your life.

And that is exactly the charm, nobody knows what is next exactly, and only a few can have an extremely blurry forecast, but people still want to experience it, only sometimes joyfully.

Change is part of the essence of life. You will never be ready, but it is needed and unavoidable. Seek change when and if you feel so, but in the meanwhile, try to enjoy the ride.

If possible.