WHAT I LEARNT THIS WEEK (#7 – 2017): 6 Pitfalls to Avoid In Meetings

I can say that past week I got some good experience about meetings in which people with opposing interests try to make their points go through. Some problems to avoid:

1 – Dealing with interpersonal problems

It is tempting for some people to try to shame other colleagues during a meeting because they think they make fewer mistakes or obtain better results, maybe caused by the fact of it being the only chance to do it in front of high-rank officials that otherwise are very difficult to approach. Even if the data on which they base their opinion is absolutely correct it will make them look very unprofessional and generally, will deteriorate their relationship with the rest of their fellows.

2 – Not keeping the point

This is very important if there are several speakers or presenters, but both the organizer and the presenter should keep everything on point. Basically this means that your presentation should have a goal and that everything said should go on to follow it and it should fit on the more general purpose.

3 – Not giving purpose

The organizer of the talk should establish the purpose of the meeting and tell everybody to keep everything on point to maximize the outcomes.

4 – Not avoiding person-targeting data

In most cases, person-targeting data, which is negative data wrote side by side the name of a person should be avoided. The outcome is unpredictable.

5 – Talking about people, not about problems

And, in the same way, not talking about how to solve those problems. Fixing on obtaining a solution to specific problems help to avoid most of the other problems and keep the meeting productive.

6 – Beating around the bush

If you think that there is a problem in which people is implicated, just tell openly, don’t try to subtly “hit and run”. If you have an opinion you should not be afraid of respectfully make your points.

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