Like every week, the weekly recap.

Reaching the goal

I was part of the audience in a PhD defense (and its afterparty) this past week for the first time. The whole experience reminded me that goals are there to be achieved. Many things will look very far when you start, but then when you look back at it when you are getting then and it looks like time has been flying during all that time you were just trying to achieve the goal.

Don’t look too much into the future, just go steadily but surely, step by step towards your goal.

Advent of code

This is my second year participating in the Advent of Code. It is a relaxed, fun programming challenge in which the participants have to help Christmas happen. from the first to the twenty fifth of December, two problems per day. They have a funny backstory. I recommend everybody to participate.

Confronting stressing situations

We all know that Christmas are very close. For many people they are an stressing situation, where everybody is running, buying presents and overall getting nervous. This year I promised myself to enjoy the time, avoid discussions and let myself enjoy every happening.

Using CVS

Sometimes you face a situation in which you have to tell people why using CVS is a must in modern development. We all know that sometimes it is hard to convince people that the documentation should be written in text format on the CVS or that it should be automatically generated from, for example, the source code, in order to keep everything up to date. I always explain that CVS avoid data loss and that you can outsource the management, if it is the management cost what seems to be worrying them. Most of the times it works in rare cases it does not. I still can’t understand that some people that creates code is not able to understand how crucial it is.

Weaknesses and Strengths

It is very difficult for me to assess myself without falling in traps. Most people falls in two different kinds of traps: not being able to see their weaknesses or not being able to communicate their strengths properly. And both are equally bad. In order to improve, you must be able to assess yourself properly. I am more on the second side.

In my case, I have to present myself to an important person in my field of research. We will meet half an hour and I have to tell what I have done, what I want to do and how can I do it. This kind of happenings are a good point for self assessment.

Shit “Content Generators”

I don’t know if it is even the first time I talk about this, but the internet is full of shitty content generators. There is people that just mashes up other people’s ideas and creates some unoriginal, shitty content, and the internet is full of this kind of gurus. They many times talk about “how to get followers in social media”, “how to create and monetize a blog” or post motivational phrases incessantly.

They don’t create anything. They just mash other’s ideas and repost them, many times making them losing their original meaning or spreading false or outdated ideas. Be aware.

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