Few interesting things happened last week.

Windows Forms and the GUI thread

Past week, I worked in a C# Windows Forms app. As you know, this is a kind of primitive, old technology, but still keeps ob being one of the best choices to do GUI under Windows if you have the help of Visual Studio.

If you are working on a multi threaded application, you will notice that you can’t update the properties of the controls from any other thread than the main one without triggering an exception. This can be avoided by creating a delegate and invoking it if the control requires invocation. To check that you have to use the InvokeRequired property of the controls.

The use of multiple threads in a GUI application is a must, as the interface becomes unresponsive if there is an operation that blocks the main thread, also know as the GUI thread.

Showing a prototype

We prepared the presentation of our prototype. Some questions that required an answer were:

  • Does it look good enough?
  • What somebody would like to know about it and what can we tell?
  • Why would potential clients be interested in using it, buying it or pay for the service?
  • Is the provided solution cost-effective?
  • What is the cost and what is the price? does it look like a good investment?
  • Is it a good solution?
  • How is it novel?

Probably many more will arise as we keep on working on it. But this seems to be a basic check-out list.

You need software engineering

If your company delivers any kind of software, whether is it a game, a web application or any other kind of software, you need to create processes to manage the projects and assess the quality of the resulting product. This is basically what software engineering is about.

If you are not doing anything about it, just start as soon as possible.

The era of fake gurus

I just can’t believe how many people call themselves experts in something, and even go give speeches, presentations and workshops without any proven experience or even, many times, knowledge, mixing concepts and spreading misunderstandings.

If you are ever to attend a conference or a talk, wonder who is giving it, and if it is qualified to do so. We live in the era of fake gurus.

Don’t change

Just that, don’t change to please anybody. At the end people values that you can stand on your own feet and sustain your opinions.


Sometimes you will need to work when you should be on holidays or resting. That is OK, just don’t let that become your everyday life.

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