This week was interesting to say the least. Some notes follow.

Presenting a prototype

During this week I coded a demo and presented a prototype of the side project to a selected group of people. They liked it and some people considered that we can try to show it to potential investors. We will be working on that a little bit, maybe during next week.

Accomplishing things

Finally the text of my master thesis got accepted and well graded. It feels very good to finally finish something that I considered very far away some months ago and start focusing totally in what you like to do, research and development.

Lisp as a learning language

During this week I thought a lot about the fact that I learnt artificial intelligence (in my degree) using Lisp, and the implications it had. I will most likely start considering getting deep into a functional language at some point. That means when I have more free time. I really think that it always help to shape your brain to different paradigms, and I really want to try something like Lisp again.

Small 1-day programming projects

I am trying to find a list of programming projects that can be accomplished in one day. If you know of such list or have any idea of such kind of projects, please tell me.

Be ready to learn

As the last note for the week, just be ready to learn new things. The moment you stop learning, your value as a professional starts to fade away.



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