This week was hard on work, but short on highlights. Something

Environment is important

I realized that sometimes the environment is quite important. Sometimes just mixing people in a relaxed situation is a good breeding ground for innovation. This can be extended to all kinds of environments. From your desktop to your office, keep everything in an order that helps you. It matters.

Sudden ideas, luck and chance

Great ideas rarely happen in a controlled, aseptic environment, but that does not mean that you need to be lucky to have a good idea. What needs to be done is to create the chance for them to appear by working.


When I started in the world of software development, I was very lost, but lost as in not knowing what to do in my workplace or how to act in a corporate environment. Fortunately at some point I got a good mentor that taught me how to learn. The mentor should act as a facilitator, and it is of great value in a company, because of his direct work and also because it acts as a teacher and problem solver, making the rest of the team orders of magnitude more productive.

Finishing is difficult

Starting a project is easy. Motivation is easily found at the beginning. I had a deadline this week and it was difficult to finish the work and deliver it. By far, finishing a piece of work is more difficult than starting it.

Fast iteration, fast progress

On the side project I mentioned some weeks ago, we are finally making progress, and the key is that we apply small, incremental ideas to improve what we really have and we are getting to the point very fast. And believe me, this applies both to physical items (what we are designing and building) and also for software.

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