This week has been a little bit lighter, but still, a lot going on. Get to know what I have been up to this week.

Accepting criticism

During this week I received criticism on a writing I did some time ago. Don’t get me wrong. Criticism is great, and helps to get better, so let’s embrace criticism. My point is that it should not be blindly accepted. Reason every point that you are supposed to have to correct. In my case I did not understand some of the points. On the other hand, some improved a lot what I had written. Just reason, think and discuss.

New resource for researchers and scientific writers

I am compiling a list of useful resources for researchers. The list will be hanging from this blog and will contain things that I have found useful. From selected literature to LaTeX tutorials, everything useful will fit.

Last exam of my Master

During this week I wrote the last exam that I need to write in order to obtain my Master’s degree. In my institution (University of Eastern Finland) this exam consists of writing an essay about a topic related to your Master’s Thesis. I will post it here if I can access the text, which is slightly unlikely.

Learning Rust

This week I decided to learn Rust, a compiled, systems programming language created by the Mozilla Foundation with the objective of progressively substitute C++ with the incorporation of memory safety measures and other treats for the programmer. This comes at a cost of a steep learning curve with a load of new concepts. So far I learnt the basic structures, though I am facing the first pitfall, the concept of lifetimes and how do they fit with the structures and enumerations. I will get to it, it is just a matter of time. I highly recommend to learn any of this new generation systems programming languages though. It does not matter if it is Rust, Go (developed by Google) or D. The reasons why I chose Rust are unclear, even to me.


I have realized this week that, partially at least, the innovation industry is based on hopes and wishful thinking more than in actual facts in many cases. There is a very heavy marketing machine making people use money and effort in ideas that are not even proven to be so useful or even feasible. Hopefully some people in the industry does real research instead of believing everything media spits. It is still very necessary to know very well what you are talking about when taking decisions, even though nowadays we face the fact of not really knowing which skills make somebody a guru.

Making art

One of the highlights of the week was participating in the CAPAW workshop with Jukka Virkkunen (FB, Instagram), a Finnish artist that lives in between Finland and Brazil. During the workshop we got to fill a canvas full of paint with my coworkers and friends at Tovari. The result was a magnificent piece that we will keep in the office. Super fun and relaxing.


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