What I Learnt This Week (#39 – 2016)

This week, summarized.

The importance of probability and statistics

I kind of have this already clear, but this week, as I was designing an experiment, I realized again the importance of probability and statistics on experimentation. Having unsound data which is not according to what was expected since the beginning of the experiment can tear down weeks of work, and the time of many people that participates in the experiment.

Researchers night

I participated in the European Researchers Night by talking to a bunch of 15 year old guys and girls and then by showing to a totally random audience what are we working on in the lab I am part of.

The experience was pretty interesting. Some lessons learnt:

  • Preparation is key.
  • If you hold a workshop, have intense activity for the time it will last. Teenagers have less patience than adults, if any.
  • Try to make it funny. At the end, those can be the researchers of the future.
  • Keep it as visual or interactive as possible. And I am not talking about a slideshow with a lot of images.

Javascript / AJAX

Through a piece of work that I need to craft, I dusted off my JS arts, and discovered that I have been doing REST for a long time without even calling it like that. Oh, the programming fashions.

Making an international collaboration work out

During this summer I attended this well organized summer school in the beautiful city of Oulu (Finland). In that event I created an interactive system with other three people. We were located from four different cities in three different countries. We wrote a paper that got accepted in the  SIGGRAPH Asia 2016 Macao. Now we have to extend it and resend it. During this week we hold the first online meeting. Hopefully it will work out.

Master thesis

I am having a little bit of a hard time finding time to finally finish my Master Thesis. I have put myself a hard deadline and I have to finish it before it. It is very difficult sometimes to find motivation even though it should be something that you really want to finish. Hopefully soon it will be done.

HCI 101

Many people ask me what I do, what is my field about, and I always explain the same. I might be putting up a presentation about it, and release it, when I have time. This is the idea of the week that might (or might not) find its time during the next week.


I realized this week that I want to learn more about digital electronics. Any idea how or where to start?

Gold Market Simulation 2

I know I promised a blog post about this with the new mechanisms that have been put into it. Hopefully I can make it soon.

I think that this is all for this week. More self improvement tracking next week.

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