What I Learnt This Week (#38 – 2016)

This week was also intense in terms of self-improvement. Most likely I leave something aside. Next week I will be noting everything down.

Pricing, you are doing it wrong (maybe)

The traditional way to establish the price of a good or service is to add up the costs, establish a margin percentage and calculate the final price as the sum of the cost and the margin. That is very inaccurate and impractical. We should move away from this into value-based price. Your price should not be based on a margin over the cost, but on the value you are providing to the final customer. This is harder (you need to know the value of the thing to the final user), but at the end maximizes profit.

Finnish language

I assisted to my two first lectures of Finnish in the Joensuun Seudun Kansalaisopisto. It is very cool to meet the new people and get back to learning a language.


There is a lot of stress in networking in every scholar approach to entrepreneurship. Knowing somebody that can do it is even more important than knowing how to do it yourself. Never lose any opportunity to make connections.


Develop minimum viable products and get the user as soon as possible into the product design workflow. The chances of developing a successful product increase. The early adopters are easy to get, but those are a small group. Success comes when getting the safe users to buy or use your product.

Genetic Programming

I discovered a series of videos on youtube that are fairly interesting. They are about evolution and the concept of genetic programming and are on this channel (among other things, check for “evolution”). There is an interesting approach to optimization problems based on evolution concepts: breeding, mutation, reproduction… this is a good introductory series of videos.

There is (almost) always two sides of the story

It is important to listen to the arguments of both sides before taking part for one of them. Actually saves some trouble.

Protect your work

Just don’t let anybody take advantage of it. Most times is cool to be open, but that does not mean that you have to give away your work, specially if there are conflicts of interest.

Game design, gold market

I have been working already a little bit on improving my gold market simulation for the game I am designing, including a first attempt to introduce the market tendency, that is yet to simulate. Expect a new post on that simulation soon. I will release an Excel file with the different simulations when I consider it finished.


I thought about the concept of clickbait and if it has been studied from an academic point of view. And yes, there are some interesting results and a just born science, as this article on MIT Technology Review said in 2015. Maybe worth an article when I have time to review the literature.

And that is all I can remember… I am sure that I leave a lot of stuff on the side, though. As I side, next week I will be noting everything down.

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