Modelling a Basic Particle System for Animation

I am starting to get interested in the world of animation and particles seem to be an interesting point to get started. In this post, I am going to tell you how I modeled a 2D particle system. The code is part of my Museum of Funky Animations and will make use of the P5.js library, which is a Javascript library oriented towards graphics inside the HTML5 canvas element.

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Scambaiting, taking down scammers by wasting their time

Sadly, the scams are pretty common on the internet. From the early Nigerian Prince scammers to the more modern Tech Support ones, there are always some people trying to trick you into giving your money away.

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Rewrite it in Rust and Other Open Source Community Memes

As you may know, I gave a talk titled “Rewrite It In Rust and Other Open Source Community Memes” in the third meetup of the EastTech Finland group.

The slides can be found here. If you are interested, for whatever reason, in me giving this talk in any event of yours, contact me at david (at) studiosi (dot) es.

Global Game Jam 2018, my postmortem

The past weekend the Finnish Game Jam, which is part of the Global Game Jam took place. It is the third time that I take part in this event. Past year’s postmortem (which focuses more on the experience and not so much on the game) can be read here. In order to understand what to expect from this event, you can read that blog post. In this one I am going to focus more on the design process and what I consider important when thinking of what to do. Let’s dive into the 2018 edition.

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