One Hour Game Jam #147 – Postmortem

During this weekend I participated in the One Hour Game Jam, which happens every Saturday. The purpose, as the name tells clearly, is to create a game in one hour.

Funnily enough; I was pretty successful to be my first participation, finishing the game. Of course, the scope of the game was really small, but I really wanted to test what I was capable of. I wanted to explore the possibilities of the console for game making, so I ended up creating a game in C# for the console. It is Windows-only so far, but it is to be expected that it also compiles in Linux with Mono.

For a first timer, it is quite a hectic experience, so I wanted to keep it simple. I used tools that I know and focused on what I was trying to convey. The theme was “return”. It is a very simple puzzle-like game in which you become a desperate programmer that needs to end the execution of a function that is iterating too many times. As usual, my games are related to programming/computer stuff, and, as expected, everything happens on the console.

The Windows build of the game can be downloaded here and the source code can be seen in this GitHub repository, even though there is not really anything special to see there.

Please, play the game and tell me what you think about it!

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