Predictions for 2018

I know this is a little bit lazy, but I posted some of my predictions of what I think 2018 will bring in the Nordic Startup Facebook group, along other commentators. I just decided to copy it here in order to check how many of my predictions come true at the end of the year. Here it is the message:

I think that many markets and sectors that we see thriving nowadays will slow down to the point of almost stopping. Technology will develop, of course, but there’s still something to be done in finding appealing uses of those new technologies. AI will be important, but, will receive some backlashes, as well as blockchain, where the coin market will saturate. Also we may face a crisis in the game industry, and music industry will rely more and more on streaming and non-physical distribution. In terms of entertainment, I think e-sports will make the jump to generalistic TV, with organizations like the ESL taking the lead, with some others pursuing the lead. YouTube will lesser its influence and Twitch will get still more relevance. In terms of hardware, I see some stellar appearances of niche robots that appeal to consumer markets. Also, a slowdown in the release speed of new processors and new paradigms like quantum taking bigger parts of the interest. Intel may not be the biggest actor anymore. Contrary to what many people say, in my opinion voice assistants won’t become a big thing during 2018, neither chatbots. Electric vehicles will be bigger in 2018, and we may start to see autonomous supervised cars in big cities. Of course, all this are intuitions and opinions.

I know many of these predictions are quite vague, but this is just a method to test myself, and see how well I do.

Fail With Style #1 – Drawing a Graph

Yes, sometimes, when you try to draw a graph, the graph does not like to find its vertices’ positions.

This is an animation of the Force-Directed Layout algorithm that I am developing currently for a side project. Every frame is one iteration of the algorithm. With these parameters, the graph’s vertices don’t converge to a stable position in 3000 iterations.

The LinkedIn Redesign Trainwreck: 5 selected issues

I have been rolled out to the new LinkedIn desktop redesign. I was not going to talk about it, but at the end, I considered that it can be a learning experience for you all, as it has already been for me. Here you have five things that, in my opinion, LinkedIn is doing wrong.

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WHAT I LEARNT THIS WEEK (#7 – 2017): 6 Pitfalls to Avoid In Meetings

I can say that past week I got some good experience about meetings in which people with opposing interests try to make their points go through. Some problems to avoid:

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