Crackme 1: Get The Password by HN1

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This crackme is a regular, non-packed PE executable, suitable as a starting point for people interested on the art of reverse engineering. It is a console application. After opening IDA to start the analysis, we can easily see that this program was written in assembly, as the structure is really straightforward.

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Reverse Engineering – CrackMe v1.0 by Cruehead/MiB

This is an old Win32 crackme, but still, has quite a lot of things that we can learn from it. I have solved it on IDA. You can download the target and the commented IDA database of this project. I will try to explain what you need to focus on if you are solving it without totally spoiling it for the people that, like me, are starting into the world of reverse engineering. After the explanation, I will link to the source code of the keygen, which is on Github.

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