Bundling Agreement Meaning

See z.B. JXM, Inc., B-402643 (June 25, 2010) (charge that the consolidation of the military`s requirements for hospital cleaning services in various Medical Care Facilities in Texas constituted improper pooling under the Small Business Act and improper consolidation under the CICA); B.H. Aircraft Co., Inc.B-295399.2 (25. July 2005) (assuming that the consolidation of the Defense Logistics Agency`s requirements for consumables for the F404 engine into a performance-based logistics management contract with more than 2,000 national inventory numbers represents an inadequate consolidation under the Small Business Act and a consolidation in compliance with us under CICAe). See, for example.B. Encompass Group, LLC, B-410726 (February 2, 2015) (no combination where the acquisition was reserved for small businesses); Homecare Prods., Inc., B-408898.2 (March 12, 2014) (no consolidation has been planned for small businesses). The inclusion of several requirements in a single tender is part of any pooling under this definition. However, as defined here, the term “grouping” means more than the inclusion of two or more requirements in a tender. These requirements must also have been provided or met earlier in smaller individual contracts, and the resulting invitation must be “inoperable” for the award to a small business because of its size or size. See z.B. 2B Brokers et al., B-298651 (November 27, 2006) (“We have recognized that pooling can be used to meet an agency`s needs if the Agency reasonably believes that consolidation will result in substantial savings or improved operational efficiency”).); Teximara, Inc., B-293221.2 (July 9, 2004) (similar). See for example. B Star Food Serv., Inc., B-408535 (Nov.

1, 2013) (taking into account the fact that the Agency has received several offers from small businesses to meet the allegedly bundled requirements); Phoenix Scientific Corp., B-286817 (February 22, 2001) (with notification of expressions of interest and offers from several small businesses). At least one buying activity also stated that a market is not bundled if at least one small business is able to meet the requirements, according to the theory that the definition of “bundling” includes only “inappropriate applications for small business allocation” and that an invitation is not unsuitable for a small business when a small business could respond. See Nautical Eng`g, Inc., B-309955 (Nov.

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