Bakers Delight Workplace Agreement

The disputed 2006 agreement regulates payment and conditions at all Bakers Delight stores in Victoria, which have between 140 and 150 employees. “Our agreements are there, they are legal and as long as there is no trigger, we would have no reason to change these agreements,” he said. Josh Cullinan, secretary of the newly created Retail and Fast Food Workers Union, said Baker`s outdated Victorian deal was another “shocking” example of large-scale business subcontracting hundreds of thousands of workers and saving big business millions each year. Bakers Delight`s lawyers last month successfully thwarted the young worker`s initial offer to terminate the old deal by arguing that she had submitted her resignation to the Fair Work Commission shortly before the registration was filed. Gerrard said the 2006 Bakers Delight agreement did not offer monetary benefits and “flexibilities” that would help offset the decline in total wages. Bakers Delight announced this week its decision to abolish the 2006 agreement for its 2006 operations in Victoria and some Queensland stores, and said these workers would instead be converted to higher prices for the General Retail Industry Award. A spokesperson for the brand said the request was made in part as part of Bakers Delight`s ongoing review of employment contracts. Bakers Delight General Manager Gerry Gerrard said the company was awaiting the FWC`s decision on challenging the 2011 union agreement before making any changes. The 2006 agreement limits penalties for employees who work nights, Saturdays and Sundays.

On Sundays, the Bakers Delight deal limits penalty interest to only 10 percent compared to double the time under the premium. “Bakers Delight recognizes that the existing collective agreement has been in place for several years and that the employment landscape has changed since 2006 with the introduction of modern rewards,” he said. The iconic Australian franchise Bakers Delight has rejected plans to abolish an employee payment agreement following a communication breakdown with the Fair Work Commission (FWC). “Bakers Delights Victorian deal is a simple pay theft, it`s abominable, and this is used by a company that uses almost exclusively young women aged 14 to 18,” Cullinan said.

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