Fail With Style #1 – Drawing a Graph


Yes, sometimes, when you try to draw a graph, the graph does not like to find its vertices’ positions.

This is an animation of the Force-Directed Layout algorithm that I am developing currently for a side project. Every frame is one iteration of the algorithm. With these parameters, the graph’s vertices don’t converge to a stable position in 3000 iterations.

14 work-related things I learnt since I started working on a smaller company


Before returning to Finland I used to work for a client that had an old-school, big corporative environment. I used to work in their offices and had to adapt to their methodologies and work style. I was not able to catch a lot of the fresher, more innovative approach of the company I was really hired by, as I was working on the client’s offices. After coming to Finland, I started to work with some friends in a company that back then was starting. I have been there for more than two years already and I have learned a lot.

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